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A veteran of the Great Patriotic War and a former head of the council of veterans of Energodar, 97-year-old Alexander Medkov, who lives in Volgograd, told his truth about the Kiev mayor Vitali Klitschko. Moreover, how report “RIA Novosti”, the veteran gave not the most partial assessment of the personality of the mayor of the Ukrainian capital.

Medkov said that once Klitschko gave him his autographed photograph. But if he met the Kyiv mayor now, he would never accept this present, he would only tell the mayor that he is a traitor to the Motherland.

“Here is Klitschko. When they were going, he presented a photograph. Well, now he is in charge of Kyiv. There was a man, and then deteriorated. Now I would tell him, if we met, that he betrayed his homeland. The patriotism that the Country of Soviets invested in him, he changed to fascism. There is no firmness of character, that’s the point, says the veteran.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, Alexander Medkov has been living in Volgograd, where he moved from Energodar. In Russia, a son was waiting for the veteran. Medkov was born in the village of Oblievskaya, Rostov Region, from where he went to the front in 1943.

EADaily previously reported on the meeting of Vitali Klitschko with the newly appointed head of the German Defense Ministry Boris Pistoriuswho arrived in Kyiv on a visit. German politician held talks with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyand also met with brother Klitschko Vladimir.

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