Vega launch vehicle with 53 microsatellites postponed

© Flickr / ESA / S. Corvaja

The launch of the Vega launcher with 53 microsatellites on board has once again been postponed due to conditions.

The live broadcast is on the YouTube channel of the operator of the space company .

The initial launch date was June 18, but then the launch did not take place due to strong winds. Then he was postponed again.

The satellites of 21 customers from 13 countries should be put into orbit. Spacecraft weighing up to 150 kilograms should separate from the rocket 1 hour 44 minutes after its launch. Satellites are designed to perform Earth observation, provide telecommunications, and conduct scientific research.

The launch should be the first within the framework of the SSMS (Small Spacecraft Mission Service) program, which is carried out to send small satellites into orbit.

The Guiana Space Center is a European spaceport located near the city of Kourou in French Guiana (Department of France in South America). Its location near the equator provides a 15 percent advantage in payload compared to launches eastward from the American spaceport at Cape Canaveral and 40 percent for launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

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