Van der Vaart on Maguire: “If I go to an amateur match, I will find 3 players of his level. I called a transfer for 90 million euros absurd and the whole of England was against me” – Football

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Former Tottenham midfielder Rafael van der Wart criticized defender Harry Maguire.

“If I go to watch an amateur match on Sunday, I can find three players who can play at his level. And I’m serious.

I think every day he comes home and says to his wife: “I play shit, but they pay me well. Apparently they think I’m good.”

Look, I’ve been watching Maguire play League nations [в 2019-м]and thought about how weak he was. A few days later it was sold for 90 million euros, and it seemed to me completely absurd. I announced this on air. Sky Sportsand after that I was never invited again. All of England was against me.

And now I feel like everyone suddenly realized that he really is not so good, ”said van der Vaart.

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