Home News Valery Meladze secretly performed in Yekaterinburg

Valery Meladze secretly performed in Yekaterinburg


famous singer Valeriy Meladze performed at a private event in Yekaterinburg. The news agency Ura.ru wrote about this on June 14.

According to a source, the artist’s performance took place at the Yekaterinburg Arena on June 12, 2022, and the Zhivika pharmaceutical chain became its organizer. Together with Meladze, the guests of the event also performed Niletto (Danil Prytkov), Marie Crimebrery (Marina Zhadan), “Leningrad” and “Diskoteka Avaria”.

Earlier, Otar Kushanashvili spoke about how the unemployed Meladze lives. According to the journalist, “Now Meladze’s career resembles a trace from a stone that has collapsed into dark water”.


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