Vacation in 2023 will be profitable to take in August, March and October

A month for vacation can be chosen according to at least two parameters: by the duration of the vacation or by the amount of payments at work. What is the best time to choose for these cases in 2023, lawyer Oleg Babich advised.

In an interview Radio Sputnik he said that from the point of view of payment, it is more profitable to go on vacation in the month in which there are more working days, there are no holidays.

“You can open the production calendar – the maximum is 22-23 working days in a month. We are paid for calendar days, when calculating vacation pay, the average daily (earnings. – Note ed.) is taken into account, based on calendar days. Accordingly, the more working days, the more profitable. Usually such months are in the third quarter, for example, this is August. In 2023, it will be March and October.”explained the lawyer.

And if you want more days without work, then it is better to choose other months – those where the rest will be stretched due to the holidays. According to the lawyer, from this point of view, it is better to go on vacation in January and May.

Earlier, Life reported that in Russia they would be able to provide maternity leave to men. According to the deputy, the development of such a project is already underway.

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