Uzbekistan suspends service of Mir cards

Uzbekistan suspends service of Mir cards

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Since September 23, the service of Mir cards has been suspended in Uzbekistan, the UZCARD republican processing center reported.

The suspension of service is due to technical problems. “In connection with the implementation of the necessary technical procedures on the side of the participant of the UZCARD payment system, from 09.00 (7.00 Moscow time) on September 23, 2022, it suspends the service of Mir cards in the infrastructure of the UZCARD PS and the operation of UZCARD-Mir co-badged cards abroad,” the statement says. message on the center’s website.

At the same time, Uzcard-Mir co-badged cards in Uzbekistan operate as usual.

Earlier, the Financial Times wrote that the US is trying to put pressure on Turkish banks that work with the Russian payment system Mir and threaten to take action against all foreign banks that will work with this system.


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