Utair plane from Tyumen to Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug delayed due to malfunction

The plane of UTair airlines could not take off from Tyumen to Krasnoselkup (YaNAO) on time due to problems with one of the engines. This is reported by the telegram channel AVIAINCIDENT. The flight was delayed by almost two hours.

“May 31, 06:20 (Moscow time). The captain of the aircraft performed a return from the runway line. According to the crew’s report, there is a problem with the left engine. Flight Tyumen – Krasnoselkup, UTair airline,” the telegram channel reported.

We are talking about a board that was supposed to fly from Tyumen to the YaNAO at 08:10 on May 31. According to the Roschino airport website, the actual departure time is 10:03. URA.RU sent a request to the airline. A response is expected.


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