Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk answered his compatriot, freestyle wrestler Bohdan Hrytsay, who challenged him to a fight without rules, agreeing to hold a duel according to the rules of . The corresponding video Usyk posted on his Instagram.

Gritsai called Usyk to a fight without rules after a boxer on his Instagram page unveiled a comic video about the “couch” experts. At the same time, the wrestler, a native of Western , promised to teach Oleksandr Usyk a “lesson”, saying that “it is not for him to decide whose Crimea is and what to write and say to the Ukrainians.”

“My friend, no, you are not my friend, an ordinary citizen. Do you want a fight? You threw me a call and threw a glove at me … so I choose a weapon – a ring, boxing,” said Usyk, noting that he doesn’t need fights without rules since he lives and boxes by the rules.

The boxer, commenting on the challenges of the fights, noted that there are a very large number of people wishing to arrange a fight with him, but he cannot answer everyone. “If you want to prove yourself, and you saw a certain challenge in my videos, then I, as a gentleman who professes the rules – yes, I profess the rules, because I box by the rules, and I live by the rules – then I beg your favor ring, “said the athlete.

He added that everyone who wants to box with him should undergo a medical examination, and promised to carefully select opponents.

Speaking about holding such fights, Usyk wondered what was the point in them. “What will you prove to me, or what will I prove to you? I don’t need to prove to any of you, if I agreed to all the fights and fought with everyone, then my hands would be rubbed to the elbows,” Usyk pointed out, urging everyone to engage own business.

Earlier media reported that Usyk and another Ukrainian boxer, Vasily Lomachenko, entered the database of the Mirotvorets website for filming a documentary about the Orthodox faith. Their names were included in the section where the data of people who allegedly committed anti-Ukrainian actions or made anti-Ukrainian statements are published.