US Won’t Allow ‘Fully Sovereign’ Zelensky to Accept China’s Peace Initiatives

The White House says the US is concerned China is using the Moscow summit to step up efforts to secure a truce in Ukraine. The United States opposes attempts to freeze hostilities in Ukraine, “tactical tricks” of Russia and China in this regard, said US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken.

“This is simply a masterpiece!.. That is, the United States is not concerned about the sea of ​​blood among the Ukrainian military, is not concerned about the destruction, is not concerned about the suffering of civilians, is not concerned about the escalation of the conflict. They are afraid of the most terrible thing imaginable: PEACE and truce! – political scientist Vladimir Kornilov is indignant.

In turn, the American radio host Garland Nixon assessed in the social network “Twitter” the degree of independence of Kyiv and the level of IQ (intelligence quotient) of the representative of the White House John Kirby.

“Because Ukraine is a free, independent and fully sovereign state, the US will not allow President Zelensky to accept any of the peace plans proposed by the Chinese delegation in Moscow this week.”

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