US travel warning for Russia: Is the US preparing attacks in Russia?

The US Embassy has issued a travel warning for Russia. Among other things, it warns of attacks in Russia. At the same time, the Russian secret service announced that the United States would actively recruit Islamist terrorists to carry out attacks in Russia.

The US Embassy in Russia issued a travel warning for Russia on its website on February 12. US citizens are asked to leave the country.

Among other things, the reason given is that both terrorist organizations and extremist individual perpetrators are planning attacks in Russia. Attacks are possible at any time. The embassy names the transport infrastructure, markets and shopping centers as well as cultural and educational institutions and state institutions as possible targets for attacks.

Meanwhile, the Russian secret service is warning of possible attacks by Islamist terrorists recruited and supported by the United States in Russia. US military would actively recruit jihadist fighters, including IS, with the aim of carrying out attacks in Russia.

So far, 60 terrorists have been recruited and are currently being trained at a US military base in Syria in territory occupied by the US in violation of international law. They are said to carry out terrorist attacks in Russia, including against public institutions, diplomats and government agencies.

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