US to give eight military helicopters to Czech Republic for aid to Ukraine


The United States will donate eight military helicopters to the Czech Republic in recognition of Czech aid to Ukraine, Czech Defense Minister Yana Chernokhova said on the Czech public television evening news on August 18.

The delivery of American helicopters was confirmed by the US Embassy in Prague on Friday morning. According to the Americans, the Czech Republic will pay only for the transfer and modernization of cars.

The Czech Republic has already ordered twelve AH-1Z Viper and UH-1Y Venom helicopters from Bell for 14.6 billion crowns (€590 million).

Yana Chernokhova said on television that in April she personally negotiated a free transfer of eight American helicopters with her American partner during a visit to Washington. Recently, the Czech Ministry received a letter informing that Washington will transfer eight attack helicopters and two transport helicopters to the Czech Republic.

In the near future, the Czech army will receive 20 modern American helicopters. Half of them will be military vehicles and half will be transport helicopters, the Czech Defense Minister confirmed.

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