The decision to overturn a court order to waive the execution of death sentences was passed by the United States Supreme Court. Thus, the arbitration affirmed the decision of the lower court.
This is stated in the documents published on the website of the Supreme Court.

According to, the has allowed the resumption of capital punishment by sentences imposed by federal courts. The temporary ban has been in force since 2014.

The head of the Ministry of Justice, , called the resumption of executions a state duty to the relatives of the victims of capital offenders. Now in the United States, about 60 people are in line for execution. Among them – the organizer of the terrorist attack at the Boston marathon, . Barr said that in the near future four executions will take place.

This type of punishment was abolished at the request of President after in 2014, prison officials in Oklahoma spent an hour finding a vein for a lethal injection. The revision of the federal protocol on executions was completed only in 2019.

Executions by sentences of regional courts did not stop.

Member of the Russian Federation Council Alexei Pushkov said that supporters of the death penalty in the United States are at the same time supporters of the current president of the country, .

He recalled that Washington had never officially refused the use of capital punishment, and now only officially confirmed its position. At the same time, Americans, unlike Europeans, do not see this as a violation of human rights and contradictions to democratic norms, since the death penalty applies to persons accused of the most brutal crimes, whose guilt is unequivocally established and proved.

The senator expressed confidence that the United States will continue to follow its course on this issue, and the possible objections of Europe will simply be dismissed. Pushkov noted that the American authorities consider their domestic law a priority over international law.