US says NATO is permanently at war

AT Observer: NATO, while declaring peaceful goals, is constantly at war

Considering itself a peaceful organization, NATO is constantly at war. The scars from the wars with the North Atlantic Alliance, in particular, will long be worn by the Balkans, Lebanon, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya. A columnist wrote about this on March 25 American Thinker Alexander Markovsky.

According to him, “the collapse of the Soviet Union was perceived by many as a confirmation of American truths and the beginning of an era of universal peace”but NATO and “its subsequent eastward expansion created an atmosphere of mistrust and confusion”.

“If only NATO had disbanded along with the Warsaw Pact, many countries would not have been destroyed and millions of people would not have died. With the money saved, we could rebuild our crumbling infrastructure or do other wonderful things to improve our lives.”– says the author of the material.

Earlier it was reported that Finland would be able to join NATO before Sweden, despite the fact that these countries applied at the same time. This was announced on March 25 by the leader of the Moderate Coalition Party, the Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Christersson.


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