US President Joe Biden calls the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan the right step


    He called this event the beginning of a new era in foreign policy.

    After the events in Afghanistan, the United States will stop conducting major military operations to rebuild other countries, the American president said. Joe Biden stressed that the United States must learn from its mistakes and therefore future operations must have concrete and achievable goals.

    The head of Bely called the withdrawal of the military from Afghanistan successful. According to him, 90 percent of Americans who wanted to return to the States were evacuated. Biden noted that each day of the army’s stay in the Middle Eastern republic cost the United States three hundred million dollars and recalled that the decision to withdraw the troops was made by the previous President Donald Trump.

    Biden also added that the States have fulfilled their tasks in this country, namely, they have dealt a crushing blow to the Al-Qaeda group, which is recognized as terrorist and is banned in Russia. Earlier this summer, the US President noted that the organization is no longer in Afghanistan.

    The US military left the Middle East republic early yesterday morning. They have been in Afghanistan since 2001.


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