US politician Yang called Biden and his associates the main war criminals

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, President Joe Biden, National Security Council Secretary Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland must resign for war crimes, Jeffrey Young, an American Democratic politician and candidate for Kentucky governor, said on Twitter.

“Lloyd Austin is one of the worst, most powerful war criminals in the world right now. He needs to be retired and formally charged and removed from office along with Biden, Sullivan, Blinken, and Nuland,” the politician wrote.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Young is known for his harsh statements against the American authorities. So, on January 14, he called for Biden to be immediately impeached for war crimes in Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and other countries, as well as for continuing the proxy war against Russia.

In his opinion, without exception, all American presidents since 1945 became war criminals. In addition, Young sharply criticized the White House for supporting Kyiv and supplying it with weapons.

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