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Khalistan supporters protest in Washington.

Khalistan supporters protest in Washington.
Photo: ANI

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After an incident of Khalistani supporters attacking the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, a large number of people from the Indian community gathered in front of the embassy and held a peace rally. In this rally, Indian-Americans also waved the Indian national flag and gave the message that separatists will not be able to walk in front of unity.

Last Sunday, a group of pro-Khalistan protesters attacked and vandalized the Indian consulate in San Francisco. They had placed two so-called Khalistani flags in the consulate building. However, those flags were soon removed by personnel. A large number of Indian Americans arrived in San Francisco to protest the incident and waved the tricolor to show solidarity with India.

Keep an eye on the developments: Canada

Amid the Punjab police crackdown on radical preacher Amritpal Singh, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie has said that Canada is following the developments in Punjab very closely. “We are aware of the developments in Punjab and we are following it closely,” Jolly said. We will continue to address the concerns of community members.

Khalistan supporters attack an Indian journalist outside the embassy in Washington

Washington-based Indian journalist Lalit Jha was physically attacked and verbally abused by Khalistan supporters in Washington, DC. He was covering the pro-Khalistan protest outside the Indian Embassy on Saturday afternoon.

Jha on Sunday thanked the US Secret Service for helping him protect and work. He said Khalistan supporters hit him with two sticks on his left ear. He also shared a video of Khalistani supporters on his Twitter handle. Jha tweeted on Sunday, “Thank you US Secret Service for protecting me for two days and helping me do my job, otherwise I would be writing this tweet from the hospital.” A gentleman hit me twice under the left ear with a baton. The incident reminded me of the 9/11 attack and fearing a physical attack, I ran for safety towards the police van.

Jha said, “At one point I felt so threatened that I called 911. Then I saw Secret Service officers and told them about the incident. “Then, I decided to do it.

Embassy of criticism

The incident of an attack on an Indian journalist by Khalistanis has been criticized by the Indian Embassy in Washington. The embassy issued a statement saying that we condemn the serious attack on the senior journalist. Such activities underline the violent and anti-social behavior of alleged Khalistani protesters and their supporters, who engage in frequent incidents of violence and vandalism.

The statement said that we have seen images of the attack on the Indian journalist. When he went to Washington to cover the Khalistani protesters, he was first verbally abused and then physically injured. When he was worried about his safety, he took the help of law enforcement agencies and the agencies responded immediately.

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