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US Muslim MP compares US-Israel to Taliban-Hamas, creates ruckus

Ilhan Omar US: American Muslim lawmaker Ilhan Omar has come into controversy by comparing America and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban. American Jewish lawmakers are strongly opposing Ilhan and demanding an explanation.


  • America’s Muslim MP Ilhan Omar’s statement has created a ruckus
  • Ilhan compares US and Israel to Taliban and Hamas
  • This has enraged the Jewish MPs, and is asking them to clarify the statement.

A statement by US Muslim MP Ilhan Omar has created a ruckus. Ilhan, a member of the House of Representatives, compared the US and Israel to the Taliban and Hamas. This angered the Jewish factions. Twelve out of 25 Jewish lawmakers in the House of Representatives said Ilhan’s statement would protect terrorists. Jewish lawmakers have asked Ilhan to explain his statement.

US lawmaker Brad Schneider said, “Comparing the US and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban is outrageous and in the wrong direction.” He said that equating a democracy governed by law with a ghastly group involved in terrorism shows a lot of prejudice. The statement further said that the US and Israel, like other democracies, may be flawed and deserve criticism, but a false comparison will harbor terrorists.

‘There should be some kind of accountability and justice’
MP Brad said that we urge Ilhan to clarify on comparing America and Israel with Hamas and the Taliban. The statement comes at a time when Jewish Democratic leaders have held a meeting. Earlier, Ilhan had tweeted and said, ‘There should be some kind of accountability and justice to the victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unimaginable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Ilhan has given a befitting reply to the demand of Jewish lawmakers in another tweet. He said that it is shameful for those colleagues who call to get my support and are now issuing a statement seeking clarification. Ilhan said that the Islamophobic language in the statements of Jewish lawmakers is derogatory.


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