US may use nuclear weapons like in Hiroshima – Academician Arbatov


    US military doctrine provides for a nuclear first strike, so the US can use it, as they already did in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    This opinion was expressed in a commentary to RIA Novosti by the head of the Center for International Security of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academician Alexey Arbatov.

    He recalled that for 77 years the United States has denied guilt in the war crime committed on August 6 and 9, 1945 – the nuclear bombing of civilians in two Japanese cities.

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    “The US does not believe that this was an act of aggression. According to them, the aggression was committed by Japan at Pearl Harbor, and all these are acts of retaliation, just like the strategic bombing of European cities by British and American aircraft. They consider it acts of retaliation against the aggressor,” Arbatov explained.

    According to him, based on such logic, a similar nuclear attack could be repeated, since the first strike is a central part of the American doctrine.

    The academician stated that at present conditions have developed in which the risk of a direct armed clash between Russia and NATO is especially high.

    “In the event of such a direct confrontation, if there is a further escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, it is possible to use nuclear weapons … Of course, no one will use them just like that. Rather, this is the last measure, but it is not excluded, “ Arbatov said.

    As reported EADailyformer Russian Ambassador to Tokyo Mikhail Galuzin stated that the possession of nuclear weapons at the present stage is for Russia the only possible response to very specific external threats.

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