US forced to lease supertankers to supply oil to Europe

Bloomberg: anti-Russian sanctions have led to a shortage in the US of convenient oil tankers

The United States is forced to endure inconvenience due to anti-Russian sanctions. Transportation of fuel from the States to Europe is now carried out mainly by large tankers, regardless of how loaded they are. The shortage of more suitable small and medium-sized vessels for these purposes was stated by Bloomberg.



Ivan Shilov (c) IA REGNUM

It is practically impossible to rent more convenient tankers in the USA due to the active transportation of oil from Russia to Asian countries. Therefore, fuel is delivered to Europe by large vessels such as VLCC and Suezmax. In total, 27 such tankers will arrive in EU countries from the US in March.

Large-capacity ships now deliver about 60 percent of oil from the States. They can carry one to two million barrels of oil, while more comfortable tankers can carry about 700,000 barrels. Most often, Aframax vessels are rented for fuel export, but now they are involved in the transportation of fuel from Russia to India and China.

As reported IA REGNUMMinister Counselor of the Russian Embassy in the USA Andrey Ledenev announced the continuation of mutually beneficial energy cooperation with countries that did not join the odious initiatives of the collective West. He also stressed that the US authorities are concerned about the clear prospect of losing leverage in the global oil market.


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