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US ELECTION 2020: Trump raises objections before final debate, demands change of subject

Presidential elections are to be held in America on November 3. The campaigning camp of US President Donald Trump has targeted the Presidential Debate Commission. The President has raised the issue of debate and the change in rules.

Trump’s publicity manager Bill Stepian has written a two-page letter to the Debate Commission. In this letter, it has been alleged that the commission is engaged in benefiting Vice President Joe Biden on the debate on October 22.

Significantly, this is the final debate between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Earlier debates were canceled due to the trump. Actually, the earlier debates had to be made virtual because before this debit, the trumps had become corona positive.

Allegations on the commission – try to benefit Biden

Accusing the commission, Bill Stepian said that he is trying to benefit Biden, due to which the debate season has failed. Bill wrote, “For the integrity of the campaign and the well being of the people of America, we appeal to you to think again and re-issue the issues with emphasis on foreign policy, for the debate on October 22.”

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The bill says that till now foreign policy was kept in the last debate but this time the commission or moderator NBC’s Kristen Walker has not announced it. The Commission had announced 6 issues fixed for this debate.

These issues include the fight against the Corona virus, America’s family, race in America, climate change, national security and leadership. The rules related to debate have not been changed, but media reports indicated that the Commission’s microphone can be switched off if candidates break the rules.

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