US court finds NOVATEK Deputy Chairman Jitway guilty of concealing assets

A Florida jury found NOVATEK Vice Chairman Mark Anthony Gitway guilty of concealing foreign assets, making false statements to the IRS and evading tax returns. This is stated in a statement to site US Department of Justice. According to the agency, Mr Jitwei faces up to five years in prison for each of the first two counts, as well as up to one year for each failure to file a tax return. Sentencing is expected on September 21.

The deputy chairman of the board of NOVATEK was arrested in Florida in September 2021 on charges of tax evasion for $ 93 million. According to investigators, the businessman also did not provide information about offshore assets and hid information about his income. He does not admit his guilt, in total he faces 20 years in prison. The court refused to close the case.

Laura Keffer


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