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US congressman predicted Biden’s failure in the elections


The anti-record for gasoline prices and the inflation rate in the United States will become “killer” factors for the failure of the president Joe Biden before the midterms, Republican Texas congressman told Fox News Lance Gooden on Saturday, June 18th.

“I think gas prices are going to be killer [для Байдена] between today and the midterm elections in just a few months. There are too few things left to improve to help the Democrats retain their leadership in Congress,” he said.

Gooden believes the Democrats have made several irreparable mistakes, including Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) ​​plan to allocate $1.9 trillion in additional spending and failure to realize the potential of the energy industry in the country. At the same time, the presidential administration blames anyone but itself for all the mistakes.

“They refuse to admit that it is their fault. They blame Russia, they blame the oil and gas companies and deprive the energy sector of the potential that [экс-президент США] Donald Trump before leaving the presidency. I’m afraid the difference between those times and today is huge, and it’s not in Biden’s favor. I can’t imagine them going so far as to seriously admit it. Democrats will pay dearly during the upcoming midterm elections due to the sharp increase in prices, ”concluded the congressman.

On June 17, the President of the United States at the opening of the forum of leading economies on energy and climate said that the United States is using all available opportunities in order to reduce fuel prices in the country. He pointed out that long-term solutions in the energy sector are needed to overcome the global fuel crisis, and called on the world community to cooperate to stabilize prices.

June 16 Anchorman on Fox News Tucker Carlson published an article in which he named the current president of the country as the main reason for the current fuel crisis and rising energy prices. He considers the shortcomings of Biden’s policy to be the cessation of distribution of new permits for the lease of oil and gas bearing areas and the abolition of federal permits for drilling and pipelines.

At the same time, Biden himself has repeatedly accused the president of the Russian Federation of rising prices. Vladimir Putin. On June 14, he called a $1.74 per gallon increase in the cost of gasoline “Putin’s increase” and announced plans to deal with it.

Annual inflation in the US accelerated to 8.6% in May. This figure is the highest since December 1981.


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