US concerned about Biden’s mental health

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In the US, 59% of citizens are concerned about the mental health of President Joe Biden. This is evidenced by the data of the survey with I&I/TIPP.

59% of Americans are ‘concerned’ about President Joe Biden’s mental health as questions remain over whether the 79-year-old should run for a second term. 36% of respondents are ‘very concerned’ about mental health, and another 23% said they are somewhat concerned,” writes the Daily Mail.

Among the respondents, 18% said they were not very concerned. Another 21% of respondents do not worry about it at all. Uncertainty was expressed by 2%.

Earlier, CNN reported that Biden was knocked down by low ratings, criticism and separation from his wife. The publication stated that this affects his emotional and physical health, reports ““. Recently, the President of the United States fell ill with coronavirus, last week he passed a negative test for COVID-19.

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