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US announced sanctions imposed against Syria “under Caesar’s law”

Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said the United States will impose new sanctions against Syria under “Caesar’s law,” Reuters reports.

Under these sanctions will fall, including Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his wife. Pompeo clarified that the restrictions imposed do not relate to the provision of humanitarian assistance, reports TASS.

“Caesar’s Law” was included in the US military budget for fiscal year 2020 (started on October 1, 2019). It gives Washington the right to impose sanctions on organizations and individuals that provide direct and indirect support to the Syrian government and the armed forces operating in the country, which, according to the United States, are supported by the authorities of Syria, Russia and Iran.

The law also provides for the imposition of sanctions for activities in the oil and gas sector of the Syrian economy, military aviation, design and construction, and against the country’s Central Bank.

The name “Caesar’s law” comes from the pseudonym of a Syrian soldier who fled from Syria in 2013 and allegedly handed photos of violence against prisoners in Syrian prisons to human rights defenders.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry previously said that the policy of sanctions pressure on Damascus, the United States openly violates human rights and international law.

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