US Ambassador dictates radical agenda for Georgian opposition – MPs

U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan “simple answers” could help create a positive mood in society, but the failure to do so indicates that the embassy intends to make efforts “to inflame the polarization in the country,” said the public movement “Power of the People.”

“Over the past weeks, we have been reaching out to the US Ambassador, Ms. Kelly Degnan, with several questions. However, unfortunately, our questions remained unanswered. Of course, we did not expect that the ambassador would provide us and the society with detailed explanations on each of the issues and these explanations would refute or confirm what we asked about. However, with simple answers, the American ambassador could help dispel fears in society and convince him that the embassy, ​​at least in the future, will no longer attempt to encroach on the independence of the judiciary, the return to power of the “National Movement” and the transformation of Georgia into a second front,” the statement says.

According to politicians, the evasion of answers can have only one logical explanation – “the embassy intends to direct its efforts in the future to incite polarization and coordinate the radical actions of the radical opposition aimed at changing the government.”

“When the American ambassador does not move away from politically motivated pressure on the judge, does not move away from the meeting in Bakuriani (there were trainings by American experts for the opposition on a non-violent change of power in the country) and demands for the resignation of the government, does not move away from attempts to discredit the authorities and unfounded accusations of informal rule, does not move away from the rhetoric of war and hides information about the content of the meeting with Bidzina Ivanishvili (founder of the ruling Georgian Dream party), this reinforces the belief that the radical agenda of the radical opposition is being coordinated by the embassy,” noted in the statement.

The Power of the People movement was founded earlier by deputies who left the Georgian Dream party in order to “talk more freely” about the situation in the country. The former members of the parliamentary majority emphasized in today’s statement that they, “without making public the information about the conversations held in the offices and without embarrassing the Georgian Dream, managed to convey the truth to the society and show people who and what was preparing and preparing in Georgia.

EADaily reported that at the end of June, the deputies heading the three parliamentary committees left the ranks of the Georgian Dream. The reason for your departure Dmitry Khundadze, Mikhail Kavelashvili and Sozar Subari called the desire to speak more freely and provide the public with more information about the internal political processes in the country and the situation around Georgia. They said that the West is trying to drag Georgia into the war. Kavelashvili criticized US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan and accused her of supporting the radical opposition.

According to him, Degnan met with the founder of the ruling party, Bidzina Ivanishvili, after the start of events in Ukraine and “demanded something from him.” After the founder of the ruling party confirmed the fact of a meeting with the US Ambassador (at her initiative) on March 21, Kelly Degnan had no choice but to confirm the meeting, but she did not reveal the essence of the conversation. Ivanishvili also did not say anything specific about the issues that were discussed at the meeting, saying only that “Georgia was really trying to be drawn into the war.”

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