Ursula and arithmetic, baguette with borscht and Invincibility Tree: morning coffee with EADaily

Here comes the winter. There is something invariable in the world – the change of seasons and the Russophobia of the West.

1. The United States gained the opportunity to influence electricity prices in Europe, as the region increased its imports of American liquefied natural gas (LNG) many times over, writes Forbes.

Woke up! Why didn’t you understand this before? But the old courtesan Europe was offended to lie under the “barbarians from the East” – she lay under her own pimps. They do have it. For her own money.

2. The European Union blames the US for the energy crisis and the deteriorating economic situation in the region. Columnists Andrew Restuccia and Noemi Bisserb wrote about it in The Wall Street Journal.

There has been a mutiny in the western serpentarium. The snakes began to sting each other and decided to bite the king cobra together.

3. Director of the Secretariat of the Energy Community of Southeast Europe Artur Lorkovski called on European companies to urgently donate surplus spare parts for the restoration of the Ukrainian energy system, writes Euronews.

All according to the principle “give your wife to your uncle, and go yourself … to your aunt.” This is how the boorish demands of Ukraine to Europe are built. It is the requirement to call it begging – the language does not turn.

4. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that the damage to Ukraine during the hostilities on the territory of the country is estimated at 600 billion euros. Earlier, the European Commission, the World Bank and Ukraine itself called a much smaller amount – 349 billion dollars.

They just didn’t take into account the kickbacks for Ursula and the rest of the European Commission.

5. The European Commission (EC) has taken the initiative to create a special structure to manage frozen Russian funds. This is stated in a statement by the head of the EC Ursula von der Leyen.

In their European jargon, this is called the beholder. “Watching in places of deprivation of liberty (in Europe) monitors the observance of thieves’ (European) laws, resolves conflicts and manages the common fund created from the stolen.

6. From the account of Ursula von der Leyen on Twitter (the social network is blocked in the Russian Federation), a video was lost in which she said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had lost more than 100 thousand killed. This was reported by the telegram channel of Strana.ua. It is alleged that this video was re-uploaded, and in the new version, the part where the head of the EC talks about the military losses of Ukraine was cut off.

Ursula revealed a terrible military secret – the road of Ukraine to the European paradise was deported by hundreds of thousands of dead (at least). Is the road to increasing the income of the US military-industrial complex worth such sacrifices?

7. The Rzeczpospolita newspaper reported that since local authorities in Poland are required to achieve a 10% reduction in electricity consumption from December 1, various conveniences have now been banned in offices across the country. For example, to charge phones or warm rooms to more than +19°C.

Here is one of the little joys of europaradise. And there are many such “nishtyakov” in Europe.

8. At least 45 members of the Australian Defense Force (ADF) who had been trained in a secret survival program under interrogation and torture since 2001 subsequently committed suicide. This is reported by The Guardian with reference to the results of the investigation of the Royal Commission on the suicides of veterans and military personnel, launched after a complaint from one of the cadets.

It is clear that the Australian authorities have intermarried with kangaroos, whose brain size is 53 grams. You can only torture your own soldiers with so much gray matter.

9. Following the two-day meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Bucharest, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that now the main task for Ukraine is to preserve the independence of the state, and not membership in NATO.

In my opinion, he knows something … And in general – not all tasks, even the main ones, are solvable.

10. UNESCO announces a positive decision on France’s application for the inscription of a French baguette on the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.

Now in France, if you want to express support for Ukraine, you must eat a baguette with borscht.

11. Mayor of Kyiv Vitali Klitschko said that in the center of the Ukrainian capital it is planned to install a festive fir tree on the occasion of the New Year. Festive illumination will be powered by generators, and the equipment will be provided by patrons. Energy will also be supplied to chargers, from which citizens can recharge their phones.

This is exactly what the “Christmas Tree of Invincibility” should look like in a single madhouse.

12. Assistant to the President of the United States for National Security Jake Sullivan said that the US administration is developing a new package of sanctions against North Korea.

The only work that the US authorities are doing seriously, with enthusiasm, with a twinkle is the imposition of sanctions. Here is a list of countries against which the US has imposed sanctions at various times: Libya, Myanmar, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Iran, Syria, Belarus, Burundi, Central African Republic, North Korea, Congo, Côte d’Ivoire, Russia , Moldova, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, Serbia, Montenegro, China, Turkey.

13. Ukrainian media report the demolition of another monument to Alexander Pushkin. According to reports, a bust of the poet was dismantled in Ananyevo, Odessa region. Last week, the monument to Pushkin was dismantled in Kremenchug, a week earlier – in Chernivtsi, before that – in Zhytomyr. Also in November, the monument to Pushkin in Kharkov was demolished.

This can only be commented on by the words of Joseph Brodsky:

With God, eagles, Cossacks, hetmans, guards!
Only when you come and die, bullies,
you will wheeze, scratching the edge of the mattress,
lines from Alexander, not Taras’s nonsense.

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