Ural customs officers have stopped hundreds of violations since the beginning of the year

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Since the beginning of 2022, the customs officers of the Yekaterinburg Koltsovo airport have stopped 573 violations. A third of them are related to the transportation of home-made products without factory packaging. Also, tourists forget to declare the currency.

According to the press service of the Ural Customs Administration, money is mainly exported to the United Arab Emirates and Azerbaijan. The most popular currency is the US dollar. To date, 191 administrative offense cases have been drawn up, which is 3 times higher than last year.

“The increase in the number of disclosures of the export of undeclared currency is the result of the introduction into practice of the method of visual diagnostics of a potential violator – profiling. After special training, they are now owned by 54% of the personnel. In addition, 60% of officials of the passenger customs post are fluent in foreign languages, which also has a positive effect in detecting offenses,” commented Mikhail Sentyakov, First Deputy Head of Koltsovo Customs.

Since January 2022, the international passenger traffic of Koltsovo Airport has exceeded 285,000 people. Most often, the Urals choose Turkey – 433 flights have been dispatched since the beginning of the year. The total number of passengers amounted to more than 100 thousand people, which is 36% of the total. Uzbekistan and Tajikistan are next in popularity, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates are in fourth place.

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