URA.RU source: US sent fighters to Ukraine to stop Wagner PMC

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The United States of America decided to send it to the war zone in Ukraine, which was specially created to try to resist the Wagner PMC, the American private military company Mozart. This was reported to URA.RU by an officer of the People’s Militia of the DPR with the call sign “Sith”.

“The Mozart PMC is designed to become a force capable of resisting the Wagner PMC, both directly on the battlefield and the expansion of the Russian PMC in the world, without involving the regular US army,” the officer said. He added that attempts had already been made to resist the Russian Armed Forces (RF Armed Forces) with the help of private military companies, but in reality everything turned out to be much more complicated. The fighters of the Academy, formerly known as Blackwater PMC, sent for these purposes, could not justify the duties assigned to them. The military personnel of the Academy were unable to challenge the equipped regular army of the Russian Federation.

Therefore, now a private military company Mozart from America is sent to confront such a group as the Wagner PMC, which is a well-coordinated and well-equipped unit, additionally reinforced with tanks, artillery and front-line aviation. “All the forces of American political strategists and Western media are now aimed at creating an aura of mystery and invincibility of the Mozart fighters,” the officer of the People’s Militia emphasized. At the moment, there is a gradual inclusion of the organization in the hostilities in Ukraine. In addition to efforts to counter Wagner PMCs, the Mozart fighters were also tasked with testing the latest models of American weapons in combat.

One of the main purposes for the American PMC is to expel the Wagnerites from the world market for military services. “Here, during the conflict, they will promote their brand, which is confusingly copied from the Wagner PMC,” the officer says. Unlike American weapons, Mozart PMC fighters do not need additional combat training, as they are the best representatives, assembled from various US Marine Corps, who are ready to meet the expectations of the American authorities.

Despite this, the People’s Militia of the DPR does not see American professionals as a worthy opponent for the Russian military. “Nevertheless, the main goal of the participation of PMC Mozart near Bakhmut is to create a successful image of the organization. Because I absolutely can’t believe that they will be able to effectively resist the Wagner fighters and the RF Armed Forces at the front, ”concluded an officer of the People’s Militia of the DPR

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