Myocardial infarction is one of the most dangerous diseases, which is caused by the necrosis of a part of the heart muscle due to a deficiency of its blood supply. Cardiologist Vladimir Khoroshev in an interview with Nation News listed typical and unusual symptoms of the disease.

The interlocutor of the publication explained that a heart attack is always preceded by a pre-infarction state. According to the specialist, during this stage, a person may feel unexpressed pain, including in the back.

“Even unexpressed pains should be paid attention to and, if possible, always consult a doctor. When the heart attack itself occurs, it is no longer about hours, but about minutes,” the doctor the better.

The expert explained that standard myocardial infarction in more than 70 percent of cases is manifested by severe chest pain of a compressing and pressing nature while burning pain is less common.

The doctor referred to non-painful symptoms of myocardial infarction as anxiety, agitation, a feeling of fear of death, dizziness and weakness, shortness of breath, cold clammy sweat, as well as unstable blood pressure and pulse.

In some cases, pain can manifest itself atypically and radiate to such non-obvious areas of the body as the hand (shoulder, forearm, or shoulder blade, usually on the left side), neck, spine, left shoulder girdle or suprascapular region, left jaw, chin and teeth.

Hiroshi warned that there is a possibility of confusing a pre-infarction condition with food poisoning. The physician explained the existing risk of error by the similarity of symptoms: pain and bloating in the abdomen, stool disorder.


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