“United Russia” will work out the instructions of Vladimir Putin in the field of education

“United Russia” will work out the instructions of President Vladimir Putin in the field of education, which were voiced today in the Address to the Federal Assembly of the country. This was announced on Tuesday by Alexander Mazhuga, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Science and Higher Education.

According to him, in his speech today, the head of state paid attention to the fact that education in Russia should be based on Soviet traditions, but at the same time take into account the experience of recent decades.

“For me, this is a signal that we should take all the best that is in the specialty, use this form of education as the main one, but at the same time do not forget that there are other forms, for example, a master’s degree,” quotes the words of the deputy press service of “United Russia”.

Mazhuga recalled that the people’s program of “United Russia” contains a large section “Modern education and advanced science”, and those things that the president spoke about today are “subconsciously embedded in the people’s program, which is mandatory.”


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