United Russia proposed to ban scooters on pedestrian streets and limit their speed to 15 km/h

United Russia deputies sent an appeal to the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a proposal to limit the speed of rolling electric scooters to 15 km/h and ban their passage on pedestrian streets, reports “News”. It is also proposed to introduce a ban on the use of these vehicles for people under 18 years of age. They want to introduce similar measures for electric bicycles.

In an appeal signed by a member of the State Duma Committee on Construction and Housing from United Russia, Alexander Yakubovsky, it is said that now kick-sharing electric scooters can travel at a speed of no more than 25 km / h. However, the authors of the initiative believe that the rules of the road, “due to the lack of proper supervision and law enforcement, do not ensure the safety of citizens, especially children and adolescents.”

The letter clarifies that the number of accidents involving personal mobility aids (IM) is growing every year: in 2019, 147 such accidents were recorded, in 2020 – 430, in 2021 – 704, in 2022 – 976. Last year, such accidents killed 19 people, 941 injured. Mr. Yakubovsky explained the need to ban SIM on pedestrian streets by the fact that they are intended for walking, and not trying to dodge flying electric scooters.

From March 1, electric scooters are prohibited from driving on motorways and moving at a speed of more than 25 km/h, and it is also necessary to give way to pedestrians. For violations of traffic rules, the owner of the SIM may face a fine of 800 to 1.5 thousand rubles. According to the results of the first quarter of 2023, sales of electric scooters in Russia grew by 43% year-on-year, to 24.5 thousand devices. Retailers expect sales to increase in the next quarter due to seasonal demand.

Details – in the material “Kommersant” “Citizens rolled.”

Laura Keffer


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