“United Russia” evacuated residents of flooded areas in the Kherson region

The humanitarian mission of United Russia and the regional branch of the party in the Kherson region help to evacuate the victims, work in temporary accommodation centers and provide residents with drinking water after the destruction of the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station due to Ukrainian shelling. Life publishes footage of the work of activists.

“In 3 days, 65 tons of bottled water were delivered to Alyoshki, Ivanovka, Golaya Pristan, Zhelezny Port, Velikie Kopani, Novaya Kakhovka. Now 3 tanks for industrial water, 1 cubic meter each, have already been installed in Ivanovka. More than 300 humanitarian food kits and 300 personal kits hygiene was brought to a temporary accommodation facility in Zhelezny Port,” noted State Duma deputy, secretary of the regional branch of the United Russia party Igor Kastyukevich.

He explained that the needs were learned directly from the residents of the flooded areas themselves. Special attention was paid to children. In addition to the necessary things, they were given toys and books. Many evacuated residents are accommodated in the boarding house “Victoria” in the Kherson region.

“The goal is simple – to be useful. There are a lot of children here, which, as a father, does not leave me indifferent. It is impossible to describe in words: mothers of many children who have five to six children, all babies. There are no other people’s children,” said Vladimir Kosov, a participant in United Russia’s preliminary vote.

The situation in the Naked Pristan turned out to be difficult, which almost completely went under water. The activists, together with the local branch of the “Combat Brotherhood”, brought several inflatable boats and helped local residents, together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, to leave the flooded houses. People were taken to safe areas, transferred to buses and transported to temporary accommodation points.

Skadovsk City Clinical Hospital, where the victims were brought, “United Russia” in the Kherson region took “under guardianship.” The institution receives humanitarian kits for patients, clothes and necessary medicines. A resident of Hola Pristan admitted that it was scary when the water began to rise, she had to wait for help with her children.

“Our houses were flooded. We were left without things, without houses. Thank you for giving us shelter. Our house is all, one roof is visible. It’s terribly scary,” she remembers.


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