Unidentified flying object found off east coast of China

Off the coast of the eastern province of Shandong in China, an unknown flying object was found, they are preparing to shoot it down. This is reported by the Chinese edition of Global Times.

On their Twitter blog, media representatives noted that such a notification was sent out to the Maritime Development Bureau of Jimo City, Qingdao City today. There, in particular, it was indicated that a UFO was found in the waters of the Rizhao urban district.

Fishing boats have also received alerts, including preparations to bring down the object. In the event of debris falling near someone’s boat, citizens were asked to take pictures of them.

As the Parliamentary Newspaper wrote, on February 5, the United States military shot down a Chinese meteorological probe over the territory of the country, which they considered espionage.

On Sunday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in turn, said that an American F-22 military aircraft had shot down an unidentified object in the sky over the country. The politician explained that he gave the appropriate order in connection with the violation of Canadian airspace.

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