Under Biden, the situation in Ukraine will only get worse: Trump


    Former US President Donald Trump said that under the administration of the current head of the White House, Joe Biden, the crisis in Ukraine will only get worse.

    This opinion was voiced by the Republican leader on August 5, during his speech at a rally in front of his supporters in Waukesha (Wisconsin).

    According to TASS, he once again lashed out at the Biden administration. According to Trump, it is the Democrats who are responsible for record inflation, falling stock markets, rising energy prices and the loss of US energy independence.

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    “We are the country that surrendered in Afghanistan, leaving behind dead soldiers, American citizens and $85 billion worth of the best military equipment in the world.” the former president stated.

    In his opinion, Biden’s inconsistent policy led to the fact that the United States allowed Russia “to devastate the country of Ukraine”, then the situation “will only get worse.”

    “This would not have happened at all if I were your commander in chief. And that didn’t happen.” Trump concluded.

    As reported EADailyAccording to some American analysts, President Joe Biden has turned into a “foreign policy alcoholic” who first dragged his country into a dangerous proxy war against Russia, and now also wants to fight China over Taiwan.

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