Ukrenergo is working on a mechanism for importing electricity from Europe to Ukraine

The head of the board of Ukrenergo, Vladimir Kudrytsky, said that the company is developing a mechanism for importing electricity from Europe. According to him, Ukraine can import up to 600 MW from there.

“This is important for our security. The energy system of the European Union is able to help us at a difficult moment, and it does it. With respect to commercial imports, this is technically possible. Ukrenergo provides the possibility of such imports in the amount of 500 MW and even 600 MW,” Mr. Kudrytsky said on the air of the all-Ukrainian telethon (quoted by UNN).

He added that special mechanisms are needed to ensure such imports, since the price of electricity in Europe is higher than in Ukraine. The head of the board of Ukrenergo noted that such a mechanism is already being developed.

Problems with electricity supply appeared in Ukraine after Russia began to launch missile strikes on its infrastructure. The last time such bombing took place on 23 November. Many regions of Ukraine were de-energized. Kyiv estimates the restoration of its energy system at hundreds of millions of dollars. Ukraine carried out the first test purchase of electricity in the European Union, in Slovakia, on October 28.

About the reaction of the world to missile attacks on the cities of Ukraine – in the publication “Kommersant” “Tactics of pointing fingers does not lead to peace.”

Daria Erozbek


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