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The actors who played the servants of evil in Peter Jackson’s blockbuster “The Lord of the Rings” are very offended when in Ukraine they call Russians “orcs” and Russia “Mordor”. This was stated by an actor from New Zealand Sala Baker, who in the “star” tape of Jackson played the role of Sauron – the lord of the orcs, the lord of Mordor.

“I was Sauron in The Lord of the Rings. On behalf of the worldwide orc diaspora, I would like to make an important request. Please don’t call Russians “orcs” and Russia “Mordor”. It offends us! For many centuries in a row we have not resorted to barbaric methods of struggle. Orcs will not kill women and children, steal washing machines and shit on carpets. We are warriors, not some rabble, Baker’s special address to the citizens and authorities of Ukraine says.

The main cinematic antagonist of Sauron, a Hollywood star, also speaks in support of “free Ukraine” today Elijah Woodperformer of the role of the hobbit Frodo in film Peter Jackson. In July 2020, Wood came out in support of the Belarusian “zmagars”, speaking for Victor Babariko – a candidate from the “zmagars” in the presidential elections in Belarus, who did not participate in the elections, as he was in jail. Interestingly, in the 2000s, when The Lord of the Rings was a wild success on the screens of the former USSR, Elijah Wood had little idea where Ukraine and Belarus were. Hearing from journalists about Kyiv or Minsk, Elijah Wood asked: “But aren’t these cities part of Russia?”

March 5, 2022 with Vladimir Zelensky met a Hollywood star in Kyiv Sean Payne – role performer Boromir in The Lord of the Rings. Sean Payne heads an American organization that has been monitoring public opinion in Ukraine since the end of February, collecting “evidence of Russian aggression”, and providing humanitarian assistance to refugees.

It is interesting that the bride has Ukrainian roots Aragorn elfs Arwen – more precisely, the Hollywood star who played Arwen Liv Tyler. The father of the actress is the frontman of the popular rock band Aerosmith. Stephen Tyler. As Tyler admitted in an interview with Russian media in 2013, his grandfather was an immigrant from Ukraine. Steven Tyler is very fond of Ukraine, Ukrainian folk culture, but he also likes Russia and the Russian people. If Steven Tyler is about a quarter Ukrainian, then Liv Tyler, it turns out, is one-eighth Ukrainian. Historians from Nezalezhnaya may believe that the elves John R.R Tolkien – Ukrainians … This is still a joke. But seriously, most of the current Ukrainian Nazis are Russians who betrayed their people. Tolkien’s orcs and urukhai are elves and humans who have given themselves over to evil, who have lost their true appearance and become cannibal monsters. So it is not known where Mordor is on the map of the former USSR, and where is the beautiful elven Valinor …

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