Ukrainians attacked Louis Vuitton because of the promo video with the “flag of Russia and the symbol of the special operation”


    Louis Vuitton was again suspected of supporting Russia, as well as a special military operation in Ukraine. On the eve of the French fashion house published a promo video for the presentation of a new women’s collection, which did not please the pro-Ukrainian users of the social network.

    The fact is that the video uses a flag in three colors – white, blue and red, and the canvas is decorated with a large black letter V – the initial of the retailer. The release of the video is timed to coincide with the presentation of a new women’s collection at Paris Fashion Week, which will be held on March 6 at the Musée d’Orsay. However, Ukrainian netizens saw this as nothing more than support for the special operation: the colors are similar to the flag of Russia and the DPR, and the V sign is applied to the military equipment of the RF Armed Forces.

    So, in the comments, Ukrainians began to glorify Ukraine and insult the legendary fashion house, not at all embarrassed in terms. Some indicated that they were “happy not to have branded items”. Even the reminder of French citizens that white, red and blue are also the colors of the French flag and requests to Ukrainians to follow the words did not affect them in any way. But still, those who positively rated this video turned out to be much more.


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