Ukrainian troops occupied residential nine-story buildings in the western part of Artemovsk for defense

ARTEMOVSK (DPR), March 27 — Ukrainian troops occupied nine-story houses in the western part of Artemovsk for defense, said a resident of the city, who was expelled from the apartment by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
“From our nine-story building… We were told in plain text: here’s a day for you, after that we’ll move in. Whoever didn’t leave, we’re not to blame,” the agency’s interlocutor said.
His words were confirmed by a fighter of the Wagner group, noting that the enemy had turned the streets in the southern part of the city, consisting of private buildings, into fortified positions.
“Fortifications were made from civilian houses, but as soon as we entered here, they cleared (this area. – Approx. Ed.). Diggings were made inside the house, here is an equipped firing point,” he added.
On Monday afternoon, former company commander of the Aidar battalion* Yevgeny Dikiy admitted that Artemovsk was practically surrounded by Russian troops. In turn, a military expert and retired lieutenant colonel of the LPR Andrei Marochko said that the Ukrainian army was in a critical situation. According to him, the Kyiv authorities began to transfer elite units to the city, which indicates the deplorable state of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this direction.
Artemovsk is located north of Gorlovka. This is an important transport hub for supplying the Ukrainian group of troops in the Donbass. Fierce battles have been going on for him for more than six months.
According to the latest data, the allied forces have liberated about 70 percent of the city, they have managed to cut or take fire control of all paved roads, and the slush that has begun is seriously complicating the delivery of ammunition and replenishment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.
* An extremist organization banned in Russia.

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