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Ukrainian refugees spoke about the problems they face in Ireland

Source: IMAGO/Frederik Kan/Global Look Press
Source: IMAGO/Frederik Kan/Global Look Press

Dublin, 18 June. Ukrainian refugees who arrived in Ireland complained about the problems associated with the banking and tax systems, language barriers, public transport and cohabitation, but at the same time expressed gratitude to the local population for their support. This is reported in a study by Ukrainian Action.

During the survey, respondents were asked the question: “What would you say to the government of Ireland?” Refugees gave responses such as: “My house was destroyed, me and my child are very grateful”, “I stopped crying when I came here”, “I never expected so much support”, “I want to thank every Irishman for their help”.

About 17% of those surveyed said that they have nowhere to return and, most likely, they will stay in Ireland.

At the same time, respondents spoke about the difficulties they face in a foreign country. Many pointed to the lack of personal space due to living together with other people, some complained about the inability to convert hryvnia into euros.

A significant part of Ukrainians indicated a lack of understanding of how the tax system works in Ireland and how net wages should be calculated. Obtaining a bank card has also become a problem for many refugees, often due to loss of documents, change of address and language barriers. 70% of respondents did not open a bank account, which also hinders the search for a job.

Childcare, public transportation, and problems getting medical services are also major barriers for Ukrainians. Many additionally pointed to the problem of road safety in remote areas.

According to official figures, about 36,000 Ukrainian refugees have been living in Ireland since the start of the special military operation.



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