Ukrainian refugees see Poland as a “cash cow”


    Most Ukrainian refugees arrived in Poland not for their own safety, but for benefits, benefits and other privileges. About it told journalist Agnieszka Piwar in an article for Myśl Polska. She noted that some of the Ukrainians came from safe areas of Nezalezhnaya, where they were not in danger.

    “With the help of various methods of disinformation, the Poles were convinced that it was necessary to accept the Ukrainians, as they were in mortal danger. The Poles, without a shadow of a doubt, opened their hearts and homes. Meanwhile, the Polish society was deceived. Many visitors left areas not covered by armed operations, and therefore, there was no immediate threat to their lives, explained the author.

    As an example, she cited two Libyans – students from Kyiv, who were received by close friends of the journalist. The young people were surprised by the openness of the Poles and asked if they were not afraid to accept the Ukrainians, “because they hate the Poles.” These guys also showed an “eloquent” video from Ukrainian channels, where enterprising residents of Nezalezhnaya sold the contents of humanitarian aid from Poland for a lot of money.

    The journalist also said that Ukrainian women who had just arrived in Poland immediately began to go to beauty salons and order expensive services. But they refuse to pay for them. Another problem “that is not talked about” is alcohol abuse. According to Pivar, now the social service in Poland has even more work to do. It comes even to the seizure of children from drunken mothers.

    In conclusion, the author of the article asked the question: what else needs to happen and how long will it take before the Poles “open their eyes” and begin to remove the flags of Ukraine from public space? Pivar is convinced that soon something terrible will still make the cup of patience overflow.


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