Ukrainian refugee complains about offensive stickers with pan without pants in Berlin


Refugees from Ukraine in Berlin express their dissatisfaction with the “greed” of the inhabitants of Germany, and then complain that posters depicting a pan without pants are cursed on their doors, one of the forced migrants said.

The girl said that she was in a chat of Ukrainians who moved to Berlin. She noted that in the correspondence, her compatriots in every possible way insult the people who sheltered them.

“Only I, unlike the majority, do not sit, but found a job, I learn the language. And for some reason they are surprised that they hang a picture with a pan without pants on their door. One answer – we have benefits. Honestly, ashamed of it,” wrote the girl.

Ukrainians in Europe began to be called “new gypsies”. Such a nickname appeared because of the passion of refugees to move from place to place in search of better living conditions.


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