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Ukrainian public reports about the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass


During the fighting in the Donbass, Ukrainian troops suffer heavy losses in open areas due to Russian artillery and aircraft. This is reported by the Ukrainian Telegram channel “Legitimate”, referring to competent sources.

It is noted that attempts to hide heavy weapons in forest plantations also have no effect, since the Russians literally cover them with “pinocchio” and “sunflowers”.

“All this causes huge losses in manpower and disables a lot of equipment. The only chance to save equipment is to conduct military operations in the urban agglomeration, which is clearly visible in Severodonetsk, but then the cities are completely destroyed, ”the channel states.

It is also reported that the Kyiv regime is throwing all the available military equipment to contain the Russians in the Donbas direction, but the losses are huge.

The Ukrainian leadership is already openly talking about this, pointing out that the losses are “painful”. Soon these numbers will go public, which will be a negative factor for morale.

Western think tanks record these factors. They come to the conclusion that the transfer of new military assistance will not change the situation, but simply delay the negative scenario.

In this regard, the big question arises before Kyiv’s Western allies, whether it is worth further helping Ukraine, if the chances of its “victory” are practically absent.

“At the same pace, the West should invest at least another $120 billion in a year, or even all of $200 billion, but at the same time, the Russians will still move deep into Ukraine, strengthening their superiority, and Ukrainian society will morally weaken, while “dead” economy,” the authors of the post sum up.

As reported EADailyon the eve of the head of the Kyiv regime Vladimir Zelensky announced that the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the past day suffered “painful” losses in the battles in the Donbass and in the Kharkiv region.


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