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Ukrainian prisoners complained that they were not taught to shoot during the NWO

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine practically do not train mobilized fighters in military affairs, and military personnel were only once or twice at the range for shooting training before being sent to the front. This was told by the Ukrainian prisoner of war Alexander Kalinovsky.

“I shot once, it turns out. Four sighting cartridges – I didn’t hit anywhere at all, seven times just in the field on the target. And that’s all, ”RIA Novosti reports the words of Alexander Kalinovsky.

Another of the fighters taken prisoner said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine promised a large number of trips to the training ground, but the fighter was there only five times. “We were promised a lot (shooting practice – approx. URA.RU), because they said that we have enough ammo, just enough. As a result, we fired very little… There were five firings, and one was at night, firing 10-15 rounds,” says captured Oleg Popov.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that Ukrainian commanders were accused of irresponsible and indifferent attitude to the fate of their soldiers. The prisoners of war said that the officers immediately sent them to the front line.

The special military operation began on 24 February. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, its goal is to protect the civilian population of Donbass, demilitarize and denazify Ukraine.


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