Ukrainian prisoner reported problems with the provision of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the front line

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen who are at the forefront in the Donbass are experiencing problems with the provision of weapons, water and food. This was told by a serviceman of the 14th brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine Vasyl Leniv, who was captured near the village of Spornoye in the Donbass.

“There were old Soviet machine guns. Of the heavy ones, there was only a hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher and a couple of shells for it. There was also a Kalashnikov machine gun, but the butt was broken under fire, ”RIA Novosti reports the words of Leniv.

The fighter also said that they had problems with providing water and food. “Food and water are terrible. Little water was given, three bottles for eight people a day. There is also very little food. The first days in two days, I cooked one can of porridge for two,” he added.

Earlier, Ukrainian prisoners said they did not want to fight, and they got into the troops by force. One of the soldiers noted that he tried to evade the draft, but he was sent to the war zone anyway.


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