Director of the Department of Education of the Kiev City State Administration Elena Fidanyan published a post about the USSR on Facebook and provoked a scandal.

The official posted a photo of a boy standing near a street machine and recalled: “the times when there was no covid, glass reusable glasses were not destroyed by vandals, and water could be drunk from the tap.” Fidanza also recalled the prices, which were counted in kopecks.

“Tell me where to file a complaint against such a“ department director ”? My child is a schoolboy. I don’t need such bosses in teachers,” they immediately outraged in the comments.

“Immediately kick out of work,” – supported another subscriber.

“What is the purpose of this post? Some kind of information war” wrote one of the users.
“Our education system is doomed,” the officials said under the post.

“The fact that the director of the education department of the capital of a European state writes this is a disaster,” they concluded in the comments.

Some even asked the mayor of Kyiv, Vitali Klitschko, to study the publication.

Nevertheless, among the subscribers of Fidanyan, there were also those who supported the official.
“I haven’t laughed like that for a long time, reading the comments,” one of them noted.

The current authorities of Ukraine are actively fighting against references to the Soviet past. So, since 2015, the so-called decommunization law has been in effect in the country, which prohibits the propaganda of Soviet symbols. As part of its execution, many Soviet monuments were demolished, hundreds of streets and several cities were renamed.


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