Ukrainian intelligence came up with a way to curry favor and “uncover Russian agents”

    0 they want to use Russian citizens in Ukraine as an “exchange fund”

    The Ukrainian authorities are considering the possibility of using Russian citizens who are on the territory of this country as an “exchange fund”, said According to the publication, such options are being studied by the SBU.

    The fact is that for the Ukrainian special services this is a new opportunity to curry favor, because they can present the detention of any Russian as revealing a “Kremlin agent”, the newspaper explained.

    According to, the military intelligence of the republic has approached the President of Ukraine with a proposal for an “exchange fund”. Moreover, for the authors of such an initiative, it does not matter for what reasons a citizen of the Russian Federation is on Ukrainian territory, why and when he arrived there.

    Under the new head of the SBU, the efficiency of work to neutralize “Russian agents” has sharply increased, the publication noted. Probably, this is how the department by hook or by crook wants to show its usefulness.

    Now intelligence officers have reminded Zelensky that even before February of this year, citizens of Russia came to Ukraine. Someone – on work issues, on a business trip. At the same time, some did not have time to return back before the borders were closed. Now the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine decided to intensify their search. Since the GUR is confident that this will be a good solution for the exchange, the publication concluded.

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