Ukrainian fighter: February 13 will close the entrance to Bakhmut

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Entrance to Bakhmut (Artemovsk) will be closed for residents and journalists from February 13. This was stated by the Ukrainian fighter call sign “Madyar”.

“From tomorrow, entry into Bakhmut for civilians and the press will be restricted. The decision is correct, because the city is now very dangerous and there is a risk of the enemy penetrating there, ”UNIAN quotes the Ukrainian fighter. Residents will be able to enter with passes, he said. “Madyar” noted that the residents who remain in the city will be provided with military assistance.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky instructed not to surrender Bakhmut until Western military assistance is received. The Office of the Ukrainian leader admitted that they were paying a high price for keeping this direction. PMC “Wagner” are moving towards the city, reports OTR. The Russian army already controls all routes to Bakhmut. The Ukrainian army will surrender in Bakhmut in a month if the Russian military cuts off their supplies, Vasily Tkach, a war correspondent for, told URA.RU. The Russian army will soon take Bakhmut into the cauldron, quotes the business publication “Sight» ex-ambassador of the LPR Rodion Miroshnik and Donetsk deputy Vladislav Berdichevsky.


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