Ukrainian Defense Ministry: Kyiv needs 120 fighter jets and a specialized coalition |  Dominic Tyler / Public Domain | Dominic Tyler / Public Domain

Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov spoke about the priority needs for the country’s armed forces at the moment.

Now the Armed Forces of Ukraine need about 120 fighters. Most of this number should be F-16 aircraft, and the rest – Eurofighter, Gripen and Tornado. However, at the moment, negotiations on this issue are still ongoing – to clarify the details and components of this “package” of fighters, informs the Funke portal.

Reznikov also said that Ukraine would be grateful to its allies for creating a coalition for the combined supply of fighter jets.

Earlier, Reznikov listed the countries that delivered about 60 tanks to Ukraine. The main sponsor for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was Germany, which transferred the largest number of units of equipment to Kyiv this year.


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