Ukrainian border guards were sent to the front line for their love for the group “Hands Up!”

Sergey Zhukov.  Presentation of the “Hands Up” bar.  Ekaterinburg, Sergey Zhukov

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Several Ukrainian border guards who served in Transcarpathia were sent to the front line for an incident involving them listening to the Russian group “Hands Up!” The head of the cybersecurity department of the Ukrainian border detachment, Ruslan Syrovoy, who works for the Russian special services, spoke about this.

“The management exiled my colleagues to the front line as punishment for listening to the songs of the group “Hands Up!”,” TASS reports, citing Syrovoy’s words. He clarified that there is now an acute shortage of soldiers on the front line, so such punishment is often used by the command in order to make up for the army shortage. In addition, the generals did not encourage the use of the Russian language. Syrovoy’s colleagues communicated in Ukrainian.


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