Ukrainian authorities are afraid to tell the truth about the dead soldiers

Military journalist Borzenko said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are leaving their dead and wounded

LPR scouts found the burnt bodies of foreign mercenaries. Military journalist, deputy editor-in-chief of the Literaturnaya Rossiya weekly, Aleksey Borzenko, in a conversation with 360, noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine never bury their dead, and seriously wounded Ukrainians are simply left to die.

Soldier of the Armed Forces

Next – a direct speech of a military journalist.

APU abandoned the dead

It is likely that the Ukrainian military decided to dispose of the bodies of the mercenaries as direct evidence of the presence of “soldiers of fortune” in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, they themselves could shoot foreign soldiers, or they could become victims of “friendly fire” when their own people shoot at their own. By the way, the very fact that they tried to burn the bodies already speaks in favor of the fact that these are foreign soldiers – the bodies of their soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine would not even try to hide or bury.

The easiest way to bury a person in any war, especially when it’s hot, is to dump five or six bodies in the corner of the trench, one on top of the other, and sprinkle earth on top. You can find them later.

However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have a disgusting attitude towards their own dead – they are not even taken out for burial, this pattern is noted by everyone

The Ukrainian army does not have a service that would transport the dead, and even more so, their bodies are not handed over to relatives.

The mercenaries themselves say that the corpses of foreigners are robbed by the Ukrainian military. They carry everything that they can have in their pockets – small cash, because the main amount is transferred to the account, wristwatches and NATO equipment like folding mugs. Information about the death of the next “dogs of war” is likely to surface in social networks – mercenaries have their own chat rooms in which they exchange information. But it will not be immediately, gradually and later.

Ukraine hides losses

The attitude of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards their own wounded is no better. There were cases when the victims were taken out of the battlefield 10-15 kilometers deep into the territory, laid out on a tarpaulin right in the forest and said: “The next car will come to you and even take you to the hospital, we agreed. And we are leaving back to the front line and picking up other wounded.” The car left, the guys waited and died from blood loss, because no one came back for them.

Allied intelligence in the liberated territories has repeatedly come across such bodies laid out in the forest. They were simply abandoned, because the military understood: they are heavy, they have to be messed with, they can not be delivered.

But one day a turning point will come when a large number of dead and wounded will turn the tide – people in Ukraine will understand that there is no point in fighting further. And this very moment the Kyiv regime delays as much as possible

The Ukrainian authorities are doing their best to hide all information about the losses, there are no “funerals”. People come to the military registration and enlistment offices, they say: “We have lost contact with our relatives! You took them away, can you tell what they have, where they are? They are answered: “Well, what to do, they are fighting, and the Muscovites in the battle zone are jamming communications. We have no information that they died. Soon they will go on the offensive and call. And these soldiers have been lying in the ground for several months.

It turned out to be dangerous to fight with Russia

At the beginning of the special operation, a stream of fortune hunters from all over the world rushed to Ukraine. The British and Americans paid big money, and where there is big money, people immediately appear. It is possible that they paid more than in Africa or Latin America. However, the mercenaries soon became convinced from personal experience that in Ukraine they are fighting hard and you can die there.

Some of the “dogs of war” have left, some want to leave, but cannot: they have signed long-term contracts, they have already transferred money, they have to be worked off. Even when foreigners try to leave, they are returned. In addition, they do not fight as a separate unit, but three to five people are scattered around the army units to show the Ukrainians that there are mercenaries in the army.

This is done in order to cheer up the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: “A British, an American, a Swede are with you! See how Europe helps us?” Therefore, mercenaries in Ukraine are scattered, and most of them want to go home. After all, the main task of such guys at all times is to earn money and save lives in order to spend the money that they earn. They live in such raids: somewhere they worked for a couple of weeks – and enough for a year of life.

Mercenaries are suitable for performing some simple operations, such as fighting small groups of partisans. However, in Ukraine, they faced a powerful regular army, and this is a completely different level of resistance. Foreign soldiers realized that they had been thrown into a meat grinder. But they don’t want to die.

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